Flying Geese and a muddled mess…

Isn’t life funny? You amble along quite nicely thank you then BAM! something happens and knocks you for six!
It’s not the end of the world and nobody died but my life has suddenly lost its thread…I felt pretty safe and thought I knew what & where I was going and had a pretty good idea what was going to be happening.
However, I’m a positive person, my glass is usually half full (if not over-flowing most days!) and I’m a great believer in thing happening for a reason.

You might be wondering what on earth I’m blithering about and if you don’t know me – let me bring you up to date…..
I used to own a fabric shop The Corner Patch, selling fabric mainly for patchwork & quilting, teaching and hosting classes & workshops and occasionally demonstrated patchwork on a TV shopping channel, Sewing Quarter. In November last year, Sewing Quarter asked if I’d like to become a permanent member of the Sewing Quarter team and I agreed. I was able to sell my shop in May and thought this was going to be the next adventure. However, TV retail is very different from a little fabric shop in a rural town, it’s fast paced and hectic and I decided it wasn’t for me and resigned my position in September. Sewing Quarter kindly agreed to keep me on as a guest designer.
However, Immediate Media who own Sewing Quarter decided to come out of Television Sales and sold Sewing Quarter’s sister channel Jewellery Maker to Gemporia and Sewing Quarter is looking for a buyer and in November, informed all the guest designers they would no longer be having demonstrations.

I am in the middle of doing a Block of the Month series and wanted to carry it on for all the customers who had supported the idea and bought block kits for the first five parts. I’ve set up a website and a new facebook page and decided to do a Facebook live to demonstrate the block, but Sewing Quarter got in touch to ask me not to….. it’s a slightly grey area…Sewing Quarter own all the designs that I did for them whilst an employee and have exclusive rights for 12months for designs I created as a guest designer. The blocks are very traditional and not an exclusive design of mine, so patterns are widely ‘out there’.

Block 6 is a Saw-Tooth Star with a pinwheel block in the centre square.


It is what is known as a ‘stretched nine patch’ – made up of nine units, the middle units are bigger than the top and bottom units. It is made up of a centre square, four smaller corner squares and four ‘Flying Geese’ units.

So, I’d like to share with you how to make ‘Flying Geese’ units – there are several different methods of making Flying Geese and I’d like to show you the ‘Five Squares – No Waste’ method.

To create 3” x 6” units you will need:
1 x 7 ¼” square in cream
4 x 3 7/8” squares in your chosen colour (I’ve used red)

Mark a line across the diagonal from corner to corner on all the small squares.

Place two of the squares, right sides together, on top of the large square, in opposite corners, ensuring that the marked lines run from corner to corner. They will over-lap in the middle, don’t worry.dav

Sew a ¼” seam each side of the marked line.dav

Cut the square in half, along the marked line.dav

Press the two small triangles, up and away from the cream triangle.dav

Place a small square, right sides together, on top of the large cream triangle, lining up the edges and ensuring that the marked line runs up towards the gap between the two small triangles. Again it will be a bit bigger than the triangle.dav

Sew a ¼” seam each side of the marked line.dav

Cut the triangle in half along the marked line and press the triangle up and away from the large triangle. You will have created two Flying Geese units.dav
Repeat again, with the remaining small square and the other large triangle/two small triangle piece.

You will have four Flying Geese Units.

Next time I’ll show you how to create the centre pinwheel square.

Look after yourselves and stay warm.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching,
Jane x

15 thoughts on “Flying Geese and a muddled mess…

  1. I have only been sewing 2 years and have followed all your demonstrations….you are a great teacher ….I have learned so much from you.
    I hope you find your way ….and admire how you are dealing with the situation you are in at the moment xxx thank you for this xxx


  2. Thank you Jane, you are a such a talented lady, I spent time this morning looking up your appearances on U tube this morning. Living on the south coast and being disabled means I am unable to visit your exhibitions, but truly value your immense talent x


  3. It’s such a shame to see this downward spiral and, for those involved, even sadder. And it must been a real roller coaster of emotions for you. I’m not a ‘fan’ of corporate-type takeovers and feel this could have been handled so much better. I watch the YouTube broadcast most every day – but just scroll through it now and expect, one day soon, to see a ‘goodbye’ at the end of the program, rather than the menu for the next day. How sad is that?

    I’ve watched from the second week and have thoroughly enjoyed the various demonstrations and keeping up with new fabric lines; we do not have any equivalent in the USA for the UK programming and my biggest regret was that (living in the States) I could not order. Even though I have been a sewer/crafter for more than 50 years – appreciated learning new techniques and always enjoyed your tutorials.

    Look forward to your blogs and wishing you all the best in the New Year.


  4. Brilliant Jane and thank you for all your demos, so clear and concise. Good luck for the future and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.
    Bev H


  5. Jane, thank you so much.
    I’m so sorry for what has happened, you are truly a great teacher.
    I’m also a great believer in things are meant too be.
    I will try to figure out what I’m doing, without, stop & rewind a million times!!
    Is their any way that we can finish this quilt without breaking the rules?
    I realise I can go too you tube, too see the future squares, but it’s the dimensions, I will struggle with!
    Also the main fabric in ivory, not sure, if we can’t purchase it.
    Just sort of lost!
    Thank you again Jane


  6. Thanks so much for this. It will be great to be able to finish the project and not waste the money spent so far. Restored my faith and much appreciated. Look forward to following your future projects.


  7. Well done Jane, a great demo on how to do Flying Geese. I could hear you giving the instructions as I read it. We are all behind you and the other ex SQ designers, whatever the future holds.
    Now you can hopefully move on and sell your own new patterns and do demos on You Tube for us to follow along. Have a lovely Christmas with the family xx


  8. Thankyou Jane for sharing the next block.
    I have enjoyed yours and the other demonstrations from all the great team at sewing quarter.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx
    Best wishes for the future Jane from Beverley in Kent.


  9. Hi Jane so sad you are no longer on tv I avidly watched your demos you are a star!
    I have been sewing for the last 68 years and still learnt new tips from you this new venture will be fantastic for all your” fans” like myself
    May 2020 bring you all you hope for

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Have watched and learned so much from you Jane. Not suprised at your choice to leave the madnes. Do please keep making your tutorials as you are such a good teacher. I loved everyone you did with Sewing Quarter and have tried, with success, to make my first flying geese that actually look like they should. You are such a positive inspiration in my sewing world. I say a very big thank you. I look forward to sharing your new adventure.


  11. Hi Jane, I’m so glad that I’ve been able to track you down again. What a strange year it must have been for you. You are very much in my thoughts and whilst I’m not on Facebook, I’ve subscribed to your blog. Do keep in touch from Julie (aka Bunty Button)!


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