I have so many things to be thankful for…health, loving family, a comfortable home and a job that I love.

Bargello a technique I learnt with Chris Franses

There are many people who I am grateful to, who without whom I wouldn’t have the job that I love…. Chris Franses and Barbara Chainey who have inspired and encouraged me since I first joined their class about 18 years ago (I can’t quite believe it was this long ago and I actually think it might have been a bit longer) Their love of patchwork and quilting was (and is) addictive and they soon became friends, as well as teachers.

When I made the decision to take over our local quilt shop, rather than see it close and have nowhere to buy fabric, they were behind me all the way. Helping me with classes, supplying me with patterns and encouraging me to teach classes myself. Their help and advice was invaluable and always given with love and enthusiasm. All that I am now started with them, everything I teach and demonstrate has been learnt from them, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Without their mentorship, I wouldn’t have had the courage to take on the shop and that wouldn’t have led me to take up a position on Sewing Quarter. My time with Sewing Quarter was an emotional rollercoaster and although maybe with hindsight, I might have done things differently, it is a time that I am grateful for. I learnt so much and met many amazingly talented and creative people, many who have remained friends.

Sewing Quarter led me to meet and make friends with Natasha McCarty, and I was delighted when she asked me to join her at Natasha Makes. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her love of fabric and fabric crafts shines through. Her belief in me was amazing, especially at a time when my confidence was quite low and her determination for me be a permanent member of the team was incredible, she has always supported and encouraged me to believe in myself and I can feel myself regaining my confidence bit by bit. The other members of the Makes Team also support and inspire me, we are truly amazing together.

There is also my mum, who’s love of fabric, crafting and creating has always been an inspiration and her advise invaluable. and Glen, my husband, best friend, number 1 fan and true love, who made it all possible with encouragement, belief and support.

I have so much to be thankful for and I truly am, but mostly I’m grateful to you for following me, watching my demos on Natasha Makes, asking me to give talks and workshops, and for buying the patterns and fabrics, so I can carry on doing the job I love.


15 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I love your teaching style- always encouraging us to have a go. And if we make a mistake – So what? It’s only fabric. I went to one local tutor and it was a nightmare – mistakes? Death penalty! It put me right off!!. Watching your demonstrations you have inspired me and given me the confidence to have a go at things I have balked at for many years. THANK YOU JANE – YOU ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED AND ADORED BY MANY XXXX


  2. Love seeing you with Natasha. Life can be quite grim but seeing and hearing you all talk and laugh makes me feel so much better


  3. What a lovely message. You are so inspirational. I’m sad your time at SQ may have been mixed, no one would have guessed but in itself it was a blessing to the rest of us that you taught so many of us so much through a shopping channel.!


  4. Lovely to receive your e mail – Jane never doubt yourself you are an inspiration to all quilters you have kept us sane throughout the lockdown
    Seeing quarter as good as it was demanded too much of you so thank goodness for your friendship with Natasha and happier times ” keep up the moral good work”


  5. Good morning Jane. I too am grateful for many things ha – particularly for your excellent tuition. It has been a lifesaver over the last year and not only for me. Thank you. I love your Bargello quilt and have ordered the cool option for my grandson in Australia. He is 12. I would like to make a border similar to the one on the lovely quilt you showed on Wednesday. How much fabric would I need and can you suggest a suitable fabric to match the cool colours please? Stay well, safe and happy. Anne x

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    1. Thank you Anne, there is enough fabric in the kit to make the quilt similar to the one on display and I have included the border in the instructions, so you should be alright, but if you struggle at all, please do get in touch and I’ll happily help the best I can.


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